How to Join

Be a Part of our Community

`Because our mission is to include fun events, relevant speakers, and community outreach, we are asking families to donate a membership fee to fund these things.  It is important to us that anyone who wants to be part of our community should be able to participate, regardless of their ability to pay. Part of the paid memberships help fund the no fee memberships, as we truly are a community that supports one another!

So we have a recommended donation of $30 per school year, but please set a donation amount to the level you are comfortable with, including none at all.  

Feel free to share our site with family and friends if you would like to help us with donations that will help hold fun social events for our kids and informational sessions for parents.  They are also welcome to join as members!

To join AFFECT, please fill out this form for memberships with fees waived (no donation) or if a donation was already made or want to make a different way.  To apply for membership with an online donation, please use the other form.

To join AFFECT, please fill out the form below if you are able to make an online donation of any amount (this form does require payment to submit, please use the other from to not include payment, including donations already made):  

Things to Know

Any membership fees will be applied to the current school year and the following if a member joins past the New Year. 

We are officially a 501c3 non-profit organization. Our 501c3 status is retroactive to the date of incorporation. Bottom line is, your membership fees and donations should be tax deductible.  

Membership fees and donations will be used towards events, speakers, outreach and no fee memberships. Please contact us if you have any questions. 

AFFECT is a support group who collaborates with the district, and we do not advocate on behalf of individual families with the district. Please speak to the district directly about any specific issues concerning your child.  Please check out our resource page for information on advocates who may be able to assist you. 

We also ask that you keep specific details about your situation or others private at public meetings out of respect for your privacy and those of others. We do not consider ourselves liable to violations of this, so we sincerely ask you to respect our ground rules at meetings to help protect our families. 


Making a Difference

We are entirely dependent on volunteers to help organize and hold events, develop and support our outreach and advocacy, and more. Please consider reaching out for a position on our board, being a liaison at a school or volunteering at one of our events. We cannot exist without your help!